About me

  1.  Just recently I was blessed with my daughter coming into this world, so my time has been really limited to as before I could be up all morning and night responding to buy outs and questions and closing in deals, but it's also ignited a fire in me to hustle harder with the time I do have to keep selling more and building the status for when I'm ready to open a physical store front for you guys! 

  2. I have recently moved as well, which is one of the biggest reasons I wasn't buying out collections in December.  I was stationed in New York before but now I am located in Tampa, FL for my new duty station and buying and selling of sneakers! I will say compared to NY, it's cheaper and such a nice place to live, people are extremely friendly out here that it's almost a culture shock! But it's safe to say I am planning to live out here forever!
  3. I have about 3-4 more years left on my Military Contract (2026) and will be departing from the Marines to open my store front physically; it's been my dream since I was a kid in high school. Marines is great and an amazing career path that takes you many places and you meet amazing people, but I know my heart is set on opening a store and having the opportunity to sell to people and have conversations in person and make connections with everyone that comes in.

  4.  I've decided to open the website from the Instagram platform from direct messaging me to buy the products before, to now the website being up for final purchase because were I'm stationed now I am not allowed to have my phone with me or on me at all (top secret squirrel stuff :) so I believe that making a post and allowing people to purchase over the website rather than wait hours for me to respond is the best way to go, and it's easier to keep up with inventory rather than trying to go back and forth updating the 1Theogkicks stock page! I promise if I didn't respond to you, it's not because I'm ignoring you but rather, I don't have the time to retrieve the phone and respond back, and by the time I do hours later I'm flooded with 30+ more messages for buyers, sellers and consignment requests. I think with time I'll turn the stock page into a community page where people can post their items for sale for 1.00 and it'll be posted and closed or just a good page for reposting heat on the feet!

  5.  I'll keep doing my best to give the best prices and offer more services in the future like the payment plan to keep everyone coming back! To everyone who's been very patient with me and sold to me and bought from me I thank you all for being there for me and supporting my journey since the beginning since I was stationed in California 5-6 years ago starting this page and now moving back onto a website platform to sell and keep going in a better direction leading up to this store opening physically!