Consignment / Payment Plans/ Trades / Offers

For Consignment:

* Please make sure you send us a message on Instagram or email before sending out the sneakers for consignment *

  1.  Item will be shipped using UPS to my PMB (Private Mailbox) 
  2. Leave a card inside with the information listed below: 
  3. Full name
    payout option
    Lowest - Max you want.
    I will do my best to keep reposting and get you offers

Consignment fee is 15% for items lower than $1000.00 value. 
Consignment fee is 10-12% for items higher than $1000.00 value 

This goes for total value so if you have over $1,000 in shoes to send then the fee will be reduced.

General Rule: I cannot guarantee the item will sell fast but I can promise that when I post them, I'll get offers and pass them along as soon as possible or if I get offered trades that are good or higher in value than the shoe on consignment, I will buy the shoes off you from consignment outright. 

Payment plans for sneakers:

  1. The payment plan is you putting down 20% of the entire cost to secure the shoe (Like layaway plan)

  2. Usual plan will be 30 days to pay off the sneakers, the higher the cost the more time will be given, I'm very flexible with the plan.

  3. You can pay off the shoe in parts or full amount at the end, it’s up to you.

  4. If you have to cancel for any reason the 20% is kept as fees.

Trades for Items on the store:

Note: Trades Rules are simple for my page and the same treatment goes for everyone and anyone, regardless of your status selling or buying etc. 

  1.  I do not ship first regardless of any situation
  2.  Once item has arrived to me, it will be checked for authenticity
  3.  Once item is authenticated, I will ship out the traded item
  4.  For an extra fee I will provide shipping label on your side for safer arrival
  5.  If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to message me
  6.  If you have any questions on trustworthiness, click my link for my feedback, I've never had a deal go wrong or anyone not satisfied with my deals and trades and sales overall.
 Link to my feedback:  It's also the first picture on my Instagram!
David Villarreal (@1theogkicks) • Instagram photos and videos 

Offers for items listed on the page:

If you have offers on any item listed in the store, please feel free to message me on Instagram page direct message or email me for the pair and offer you have, if you do make an offer and we agree on a price lowered than amount listed, the payment will have to be Zelle, Apple pay, or Bank wire transfer, PayPal works but I can no longer accept "Gifted Payments" because I upgraded to business account so the 3% will be added to your offer amount made.

Rules to buying/ Selling:

  1.  Will not ship to any address that does not match PayPal address listed on file.
  2.  All items will be shipped 1 day after purchase, usually good with doing same day shipping
  3.  All sales are final once purchased


  1. Please have the item Name / condition / price / pictures ready to send when direct messaging me on Instagram or email I will respond much faster

  2.  Please do not ask me to offer first, I just go based off the price asked and see what's fair in market from price asked, and make my offer from there, if you're asking for prices over market, I will not entertain them :(

  3. I pay PayPal invoice, I do not gift first, unless item is in hand and from there payment is sent, if not then it's always PayPal invoice for everyone's safety.